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    I-Transfer provides the true quality of transfer.

In 2016, I-Transfer ushered in a technological revolution about heat transfer equipment and consumables, which overturned the single and traditional heat transfer technology to provide complete personalized heat transfer solutions for consumers.
Leading Technology
I-Transfer has a powerful and experienced technical team which has created a series of original heat transfer equipment and consumables through independent research, development and innovation. With the leading technologies, I-Transfer has pushed the development of personalized heat transfer 10 years ahead.
Top Quality
Devoting itself to the research of high-quality personalized heat transfer products, I-Transfer shows its unique charm in a better, greater and newer manner, no matter in quality or in design.
Cost Saving
I-Transfer heat transfer has always kept innovating and changing to continuously get the printing technologies with a high cost and a high starting point replaced, so as to reduce the cost of printing and save the transfer cost for customers. At the same time, it will also develop different personalized transfer programs for customers to choose according to their own demands.
“I-Transfer” refers to “I love transfer”. Providing simpler and simpler personalized heat transfer, it makes more people take a fancy to personalized heat transfer gifts. People’s life gets more colorful due to the use of I-Transfer’s heat transfer products. 

    We aim to create I-Transfer heat transfer products with complete functions, keep improving the after-sale service and providing more complete personalized heat transfer solutions, as well as continuously create greater value for customers.
It is also our aim to I-Transfer your own style, improve the quality of your creative life, and make more people fall in love with personalized gifts. 

In the future development, I-Transfer Group will keep pace with the times to import internationally-advanced information technologies and perfect supply-chain management modes, so as to ceaselessly research, develop and innovate more personalized heat transfer products. Meanwhile, the company will provide more complete solutions for customers, create more and greater value, as well as improve our products and fill gaps in the market, so as to become a world-famous heat transfer group.

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