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Quality machine that creates quality finished products.


Sapphire heatpress machine was launched in the year 2015. Supplying various types of heatpress machines all over the Philippines. The brand was also estimated to sell 10,000 units of heatpress machines in just 2 years.
Sapphire was the first to offer complete set of third generation heatpresses at an affordable price. Sapphire vows and commits to continuously offer the needs of the market of personalized printing industry. Offering mugpress, cap press, plate press, multifunction heatpress and different sizes of t shirt heatpresses either manual or automatic, Sapphire ensures to develop advancement and innovation. Top of the line raw materials, well-developed research and development facility before and after production and quality assurance check, Sapphire heat press guarantees to produce quality outputs for different types of printing solution.

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