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Forever Paper

While Forever Paper has been developing transfer papers since 1989. They are the producers of transfer paper for laser printers. The company relies on their established research and development facilities that observe market trends and develop right products with consistency. Forever is not just their name but their mission.

The versatility and ease of use of FOREVER transfer papers make them the go-to choice, whether you are printing t-shirts, polo shirts and hoodies or wood, glass, acrylic, mugs or slate. Forever Transfer Paper and digital transfer supplies offer complete printing solution for all application onto virtually any material.

The opportunities are endless.

FOREVER Transfer Paper combined with a White Toner Printer unlocks the potential to print almost everything you can fit in/on/under your heat presses.

It has a 2 paper system that is perfectly matched for LED -Printers with White Toner. A-Foil is classified as the transfer media on which you print your design or image. While B-Paper LowTemp is the special coating of the B-Paper develops its adhesive power starting at 100°C, allowing a variety of different materials or surfaces to be transfer printed. 

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